Post Production Captions

Post-Production Captions. Is this a service you can offer?

Guest post by Tanya English

Are you really good at delivering live realtime captioning services but are intimidated by post-production captioning of videos?  We know they are completely different services, but your client assumes you are the subject matter expert on all things captioning. So you get the bids and requests from your customers but have no real way to take advantage of this opportunity. In any case, you are the “subject matter” expert in the eyes of your customer and you are usually the first stop.

Why Offer Post Production Captions?

Offering post-production video captioning can put you ahead of the competition; it doesn’t have to add more work to your plate.  That’s why StreamText has partnered with CaptionTools to give our customers access to offline captioning tools and services. If you are already providing these services, our tools provide additional features that can help your business.

So why CaptionTools?

Tanya English, the founder of CaptionTools, is a realtime captioner who has lived the day-to-day experiences of a captioner. She and her team recognized the need for cloud-based tools that could enable other captioners to offer these services as well. 

You don’t have to live with realtime errors. CaptionTools allows you to easily “clean up” and edit realtime captions generated during a government meeting, for instance, and use the more accurate caption file on the archived video. Need to caption a video of a recorded lecture? Take your time transcribing it, then upload the transcript and video to CaptionTools to create flawless captions in minutes. 


Option 2: Whether the video needing captions originated with realtime captions streamed through Streamtext or needs to be transcribed from scratch, CaptionTools offers a solution.

What can you do with CaptionTools in StreamText? Just about any post-production project!

With CaptionTools you can

  • Create post-production caption file formats such as .srt and .vtt from live events run through StreamText.
  • Enhance and edit the quality of caption files following realtime events 
  • Text alignment options for recorded audio/video.  If the media changes or is edited, no more manual resetting.
  • Customer logins so you can offer self-service options to your customers, too.
  • And much more. Contact us to get more information.

What if you need help?

Post-production can be complicated, and the main issue StreamText customers often share is the need for service support on post-production. StreamText can provide that to some degree, but with the CaptionTools team, the expertise you offer to your clients is greatly expanded. CaptionTools offers a number of services from consulting to full service for your company if needed. 

Get started!

Contact us now and schedule a call to review the details and see how we can help you manage your post-production work.