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Enhanced AI Language Translation Captions Available In Latest Update

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Madison, WI (October 16, 2023) – StreamText’s latest Automatic Speech Recognition update includes enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) language translation. Over ten years ago, StreamText pioneered the translation of realtime captions. Leveraging this experience, StreamText now supports over 180 languages. The platform also features translation glossaries to correctly interpret names and other terms that do not require translation. To learn more about StreamText’s multi-language translation capabilities, visit  

Nick Wilkie, CEO of StreamText, notes, “Our market-leading translation platform for realtime conversations provides highly accurate translations for a wider audience than ever before. Whether you are using human or AI-generated captions, having the option to translate into almost any language allows maximum accessibility and participation at all events.” 

As the industry-leading enterprise solution for all realtime caption requirements, StreamText invites all interested parties to schedule a demo with their team to learn more:

About StreamText

StreamText, the leading enterprise caption platform, was founded in 2003 by Anson Goldade to service the growing market need for accessibility and text streaming services. StreamText can support human and AI-based caption generation workflows to ensure accessibility at events, in the classroom, and more. Their team ensures that every spoken word is accessible through cutting-edge technology and innovation. Realtime captions and translations, when and where you need them. Learn more about StreamText and its full range of solutions by visiting

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