StreamText ASR

Introducing StreamText ASR

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) hasn’t yet achieved the same level of accuracy as a live captioner, but it can make an excellent substitute for when captioners cannot attend or for captioning companies that feel they’re overwhelming their captioners. As companies and universities have moved to remote and mixed workdays, the demand for captioning has increased immensely. The demand can be hard to satisfy.

Our Model Is Unique

Customers have been requesting ASR options here at StreamText and those services will soon be offered. Our model is unique from other companies in that we allow you to profit from the captioning services rather than selling directly to your customers and cutting you out. Rather than having customers seek out a third-party provider, expanding your array of captioning solutions will benefit your business.

Accommodating Our Customers With ASR

While ASR may be something you haven’t considered offering, it should be seen as a viable alternative that fills the gap between what consumers are asking of captioners and what they’re capable of providing. With the contractual conditions, there’s no worry or risk of customers deciding to migrate to ASR-exclusive companies. Inclusivity with closed captioning is becoming the norm, and we strive to adapt in order to accommodate the current needs of the market.

We are proud to offer StreamText ASR as an option to our customers. You can learn more in this support article here and contact us if you have any questions.