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Adaptable and scalable 

StreamText technology is your reliable real-time caption and translation solution.

Simple Setup & Easy to Use

Easy-to-use event scheduling tools for managing events and no third-party plugin(s) needed.

Unified Login & Centralized Administration

Use one login and password no matter who you are working for – work for multiple organizations that have StreamText accounts.

First-class Support & Training

We have a dedicated Support site and offer one-on-one training, as well as webinars.


The one solution for your captioning needs

StreamText Compatibility

StreamText is compatible with all speech to text solutions on the market today. Voice writing using re-speaking, text interpreting, and stenography.
Our technology is compatible with all major internet browsers:

pricing levels

With StreamText, there are no subscription fees and we offer free support. Just pay for what you use!

Only pay for the time you need to use our software as a service. StreamText pricing is based on usage with fees calculated per minute. There are no setup fees. Connect up to 1,000 clients for the same event with no additional fees. Pricing is based on a calendar month and is retroactive for each minute used in that month. For example: if you use 15,000 minutes you will be charged .08/min for all 15,000 minutes.

Have an event larger than 1,000 attendees?

StreamText technology is scalable and can handle almost any demand. For events larger than 1,000 client viewers, we charge your per minute rate per additional 1,000 unique viewers. 
For example, an event with 2,000 unique viewers would be 2 times your per min rate.

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How to get started?

Our team makes the process super simple to get started. Simply click the button below and we’ll walk you through the steps to get your account set up. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call a StreamText representative: (608) 234-4759