A #problemsolved story by Randi Friedman

Welcome to the first post in our summer blog series – #problemsolved with StreamText!

It is truly our pleasure to share the following #problemsolved story with you from StreamText customer, Randi C. Friedman, CRC, CRR, RPR. Randi is the owner of The Open Captioners. A veteran of the captioning industry, author, and instructor, Randi shared her #problemsolved story with us so we can share it with YOU!

Please email us if you have a story to share about StreamText solving your captioning problems and we’ll add it to our summer blog series. (Be sure to share a link to your website so we can include it in our post!)

Randi’s Story

“It was a Sunday afternoon in May 2018. We were about a half hour away from the start time of the event. I was hired to provide Open Captioning to a small audience of people who are mostly oral deaf and hard of hearing, ranging in age from seven years old to seventy. At least two-thirds of the group rely on captioning.

My equipment was set up, I turned on my computer and up came the captioner’s worst nightmare: Nothing. I stared at a black screen, into what felt like the abyss of my own helplessness. It had been a tough, busy morning (isn’t that how it often goes?) and I realized that the more modern backup computer I’d grabbed did not have the right connection port to my projector and the library we were in did not have a working projector. Five years earlier their WiFi had been unreliable.

As I racked my brains for other options, someone piped up: “I have a WiFi connection”.

I utter a sigh of relief as one beautiful word came to my mind: StreamText. I fired up my backup computer, got on the WiFi and opened an ST file. I asked four folks to give me their email addresses and I emailed them the link. I asked them to give four other people the link and then those eight to give eight more and so on.

Before we knew it, the event was underway and everyone was reading captions on their phones. I thanked the Chair of the event for her patience and she said to me, “I knew you could do it, Randi; I trusted you.” What a relief to me and my consumers when the captioning was made available. Thank you, Providence and StreamText: I trust you too.”


Randi C. Friedman, CRC, CRR, RPR