Features FAQ’S

Do I need a special plug-in to run StreamText’s player?

No. We’re happy to say that our browser-based application does not require additional plug-ins like Java or Flash to run. Just navigate to the link for your event and start viewing the realtime text stream.

Can I customize the player’s viewing options?

Yes! With our easy-to-configure viewing preferences, you can select a preset theme or customize your own. You can adjust the font size and colors to meet individual viewing needs.

Will I encounter viewing problems because of firewall or security issues?

If you can view the Internet, you can view the StreamText player. We are a standards based HTML software and can work on any compliant browser.

Can the event attendees message other participants or me during an event?

Yes! There is an integrated chat feature included in StreamText’s technology that can be used for communications between event participants. Chat is an optional feature that can be hidden if not needed.

Can screen readers read my realtime text in the player?

Yes. Our text stream is readable by JAWS and other screen reader packages.

This is a long event and another realtime writer is going to help me. Can we switch writers without interruption?

Yes! You can seamlessly change writers during a live event. For events that span long periods of time, you can easily pass control to a new writer. Just click on the event control and select the new writer for the event.

Can I embed the player on a website or app?

Yes. The StreamText realtime text player was designed to integrate with web-based applications. The player is easily embedded into almost any web page and is commonly used to provide caption support for web-based video or audio. Using an iframe, you can insert our player into almost any application. To view more detail on embedding an iFrame, please review this document on our support site.

Can you provide a custom integration of the StreamText player into my app?

Yes! We offer high-level development services to help you integrate StreamText technology into your application and provide compliance support. Our solution works with all service providers, which gives you the flexibility in selecting from multiple vendors. Get in touch with us to learn more.

How will I manage my events using StreamText?

StreamText technology is designed to be completely self-service. You can schedule and manage your own events once your account is set up. Through our management tools, you can schedule events, manage your writing staff, manage live events, and view event schedules and details associated with all of your events. For repetitive events, you can create templates to pre-populate fields in the event schedule form. Quick and easy event templates let you configure repeat events with only a few clicks.

I’d like to have my scheduled events calendar embedded on my website. Can I do that with StreamText?

Yes. We offer a number of web services that allow you to embed event management features directly into your website. You can also embed the scheduling and presentation of events to your customers through your own website or application. Some customers have integrated StreamText into their existing event management solution. For more details, please contact us.

Will I receive a transcript after the event ends?

We provide the tools to download and synchronize your StreamText transcripts for replay on Windows Media, Quicktime, Real Player and YouTube. Once you have completed an event, this file is available for you to output in one of these formats. We also offer a timed text editor that allows you to align time codes and edit the transcript for post-production support.

I know you provide automatic email notifications within my StreamText account, can I customize these?

You can configure your StreamText account to automatically send email notifications to your event viewers and writers. We have a template-based system that allows you to create custom email formats.

Applications FAQ’s

Will StreamText’s player work on my Apple iPhone and iPod?

Yes – the same easy-to-use features as our standard web-based player apply to these devices as well. To use, just open the event with the iPhone or iPod browser and the StreamText realtime text stream will be displayed.

What about a BlackBerry?

Yes – again, the same easy-to-use features as our standard web-based player apply to BlackBerry devices. To view on the BlackBerry, you will need to be running the BlackBerry OS version 4.6 or higher, enable JavaScript and set the browser type to BlackBerry. To use, just open the event with the BlackBerry browser and the StreamText realtime stream will be displayed.

I would like to use StreamText software for streaming captions to my Google Hangout. How do I do that?

Just follow these 4 simple steps!

1.  First, you will need a StreamText.Net account. If you do not have one you will need to set one up here:

2.  Then install the connector application to transmit your realtime captions. The instructions are outlined here:

3.  Now you are ready to deliver realtime captions to your Google Hangout. Just start the connector, your captioning platform and join the Hangout session with Google Caption app loaded.

4.  Enter your StreamText.Net user account details in the Hangout and start your session. The Google Assist application will automatically schedule the event in StreamText and you will see your realtime appear in the Hangout.

General FAQ’s

I want realtime captioning services for my event. Can you recommend a service provider?

To find a certified caption provider, we recommend looking at the National Court Reporters Association directory of certified providers. They are all certified and many are already StreamText customers. If you need additional assistance finding a provider, please contact us.