The Best Realtime Solution. Period.

StreamText is the market leading realtime caption solution. Used by captioners, CART and court reporting service providers since 2003, we provide the link to reliable accessibility solutions for the deaf and hard of hearing. From the classroom to the corporate world, StreamText delivers the spoken word as realtime captions to virtually any platform or device with Internet access.

Leading. Service.

We are your partners in business.

StreamText is the leading platform for delivering captions over the internet. Compatible with all speech to text platforms, we offer the best support for all your caption delivery requirements.

We don’t compete against our customers! StreamText is the only realtime caption delivery solution not owned by a captioning company. You can trust us with your customer and ensure your business is protected. Think of us as your caption technology support partner.

Smart. Versatility.

View and embed live captions where you need them.

StreamText offers multiple caption solutions. Our caption player is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Android, iOS and many others. If you have a web browser on any device, you can use StreamText.

Need to caption your online meetings? StreamText works with many online meeting software platforms like Adobe Connect Pro and Cisco WebEx. In addition, the StreamCast app can be used to add captions to video, overlay presentations, and be used for conferences and other events.

We offer full support for post-production caption file creation as well. Using our tools, you can create and edit caption files with our easy to use platform.

StreamCast is the innovative tool that allows you to add captions to any presentation or online video. It is a stand-alone application that works on both the Mac and Windows platforms.

For platform developers in need of a realtime caption solution, we offer full APIs and web services to make you application compliant.

Contact us for more information on how StreamText can work for you.

Scalable. Choices.

A customized solution with flexibility to fit your needs.

StreamText technology can handle any size event from one to thousands of viewers. Our service can be scaled to meet the needs of an individual, group or web-based audience with multiple display options. With support for mobile and online meeting products, you can easily create custom caption player configurations, hide controls, choose a font, and select line spacing, background colors and much more. Adjustable viewing preferences allow users to easily create a custom viewing experience.

Features & Pricing

Getting started with StreamText is as easy as setting up an account. Once you have created your account, you will be ready to schedule an event in less than 60 seconds!

First-Class Support

We’re here to support you. Our support site is the place to go when you have questions. Be sure to read this article when you’re getting started: “How to write your first event”.

I use StreamText exclusively for all of my webstreaming needs. The product is reliable and very user friendly. I have never had a client that could not connect. They are knowledgeable, patient, and can resolve any issue. I highly recommend and freely endorse StreamText.

Alan Peacock


StreamText has helped us bridge communication to the deaf and hard-of-hearing. The platform is reliable and user-friendly. They are very responsive to the needs and requests of their clients. For our company, StreamText is a win-win.

Phil Hyssong

Alternative Communication Services, LLC

StreamText has been our exclusive streaming partner since the early 2000s. They have masterfully focused on the vital service that connects transcribers and captioners with a secure, bulletproof delivery system. We’re happy to recommend them.

Teresa Mamone

Founder and CEO, A Word Away, Inc.

We have partnered with StreamText for over a decade. They are innovators and have pioneered realtime text delivery and have given us the ability to offer superior solutions to our customers. StreamText is a valued partner. We highly recommend them.

Patricia Graves

President, Caption First

The StreamText platform is easy to use for both our captioners and our consumers. Technical support always responds swiftly and works diligently to assist whenever needed. Presentation is everything. You wouldn’t serve wedding cake on a paper plate, would you?

Jennifer M. Bonfilio

RMR-CRC, Coast 2 Coast Captioning

As a Certified Realtime Reporter since 1999, with clients requiring intense, complex security protocols for online captioning, Nick Wilkie and Streamtext have always been there for me, assisting with demos and live captioning assignments. With the glitch-free services of StreamText, I have been an incredibly satisfied customer for many, many years.

Dayette J. Zampolin

RPR, RMR, CRR, CCP, CRC, Captionears

StreamText's products and services combined with the excellent support has helped me gain new clients while keeping my current clients happy and returning.

Lisa Torres

President, Dallas Captioning, LLC

I could not do my job without you and all of the dedicated folks behind the scenes at StreamText. Every time I need help whether casually or in a pinch, there is Nick on the other end of the phone: calm, good-humored, expert. 

Randi C. Friedman, CRC, CRR, RPR

President, The Open Captioners