StreamText Solutions


Used extensively in school systems and universities across the country, StreamText technology is used to provide remote Captioning/CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) services for the deaf and hard of hearing student. Student only needs a web browser and is compatible with all mobile devices.


Increase productivity and provide inclusive accessibility by delivering captions for daily meetings, teleconferences, seminars and web-based communications. We can deliver realtime text streams to virtually any platform with Internet access. Remote workers can have access through mobile devices and online meeting products such as Adobe Connect Pro™ and WebEx Event Center™. StreamText offers a number of features to ensure the security of your conversations. End-to-end encryption and access control ensure your event is protected.


StreamText software makes government events compliant and accessible for your community. Realtime text providers use our technology for town hall meetings, legislative sessions, live webcasting, and many other public events.


Make any event compliant and accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing with StreamText. From sporting events and trade shows, to weddings and conferences, we will meet your needs with a versatile solution. StreamText is the flexible solution to deliver captions where you need them.


StreamText is an easy solution to add captions to video. We offer an embeddable caption player that can be used with almost any online video. We also offer tools like StreamCast that allow you to add captions at production time. Contact us to get more details on how you can add captions to your live video. For post production support we offer the ability to edit and export the recorded captions. Using our editing tools allows you to dramatically reduce the cost of creating your on-demand caption files.


StreamText offers translation support for 52 languages. If you have attendees for your international events, this is the solution to ensure their participation. Contact us to learn more about this service.

Adobe Connect Pro™ Captioning Support

Use StreamText.Net to provide captioning support for Adobe Connect Pro™. Works seamlessly with the Adobe Caption Pod. Just set up an event in StreamText and select the Adobe Connect Pro™ Publisher.


Deliver your captions directly into the Zoom meeting platform.

Cisco WebEx Event & Meeting Center™ Captioning Support

StreamText is flexible and our realtime player can be part of your next WebEx Event Center™ meeting. Just use the Event Center and provide the URL of the StreamText event to your participants.


StreamText offers a legal version of our realtime caption player. Use the player to deliver realtime writing for depositions and trials. Easy-to-use and works on any device including iPads and handheld devices. You can control access and simplify your realtime setup.

StreamText technology is used in

Corporate Meetings


Webinars and Webcasts

Conventions and Seminars

Translation Services

Legal Proceedings

Sporting Events

Social Events

Government Meetings

We are the software link to providing realtime communication accessibility to the deaf and hard of hearing. StreamText technology directs the output from realtime transcription providers and publishes the feed on the Internet for customers to view.

Our web-based caption player is designed to be easy-to-use and will work in almost any network environment. This allows individuals to view the spoken words from the event in real time.