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SOC 2 – Security and Privacy with StreamText

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StreamText is focused on ensuring your data is protected. We support a SOC 2® framework to ensure that we follow industry best practices for managing our application and your data. As a part of an ongoing effort, we are excited to announce that we’ve successfully completed our SOC 2 report.  What is the SOC 2 […]

Enhanced AI Language Translation Captions Available In Latest Update

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Madison, WI (October 16, 2023) – StreamText’s latest Automatic Speech Recognition update includes enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) language translation. Over ten years ago, StreamText pioneered the translation of realtime captions. Leveraging this experience, StreamText now supports over 180 languages. The platform also features translation glossaries to correctly interpret names and other terms that do not […]

Automatic Speech Recognition Caption Technology Powered by AI

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Madison, WI (September 18, 2023) – StreamText is pleased to announce the latest release of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI). With the ability to create captions directly from an audio source, StreamText ASR features term glossaries to help finetune captioning AI for specific events and increase overall accuracy. The platform […]

Videolinq and StreamText Partner to Combine Web Video and Closed Captioning

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September  15, 2021 – Toronto, Canada, and Madison, Wisconsin – Videolinq, a software-as-a-service company allowing users to send live video to multiple web and social media sites simultaneously, and StreamText, the market-leading realtime caption solution today announced a partnership. The two organizations now offer an integrated solution which simplifies the process to encode closed captions […]