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Introducing StreamText ASR

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Automatic speech recognition (ASR) hasn’t yet achieved the same level of accuracy as a live captioner, but it can make an excellent substitute for when captioners cannot attend or for captioning companies that feel they’re overwhelming their captioners. As companies and universities have moved to remote and mixed workdays, the demand for captioning has increased […]

Post-Production Captions. Is this a service you can offer?

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Guest post by Tanya English Are you really good at delivering live realtime captioning services but are intimidated by post-production captioning of videos?  We know they are completely different services, but your client assumes you are the subject matter expert on all things captioning. So you get the bids and requests from your customers but […]

We Are Here To Help During This Time

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A message from StreamText CEO: To all of our customers and partners, Anson and I want to let you know our thoughts and prayers are for everyone to stay safe and healthy through this public health crisis. With schools and businesses all going remote in the next week, we will make sure you can continue […]

StreamText Becomes Privacy Shield Certified and GDPR Compliant

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MADISON, WISCONSIN, January 14, 2019 — StreamText, the market-leading realtime caption solution. Used by captioners and court reporting service providers since 2003, is now Privacy Shield certified and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant. “We are very excited to announce our Privacy Shield Certification. With this certification, we are now  GDPR compliant […]

Premier Visual Voice: An Industry Case Study

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Success Through Service. Margaret Downs is the President and CEO of Premier Visual Voice. Established in 2011, Margaret’s company provides accurate, live event captioning and CART services through both voice writing and steno-based captions. Located in the in the Cleveland, Ohio area, Margaret and her team of ten captioners provide much-needed accessibility services for the […]

AB Captioning & CART: An Industry Case Study

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CHALLENGE When Sandra from AB Captioning & CART was looking for a remote real-time solution to offer her clients, she faced two hurdles: The current technology she was using was very outdated and had several technical glitches. There was hesitation from her clients to trust a remote product because they experienced difficulties in the past. […]

Back To School With StreamText

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Welcome back to a new school year! StreamText CEO, Nick Wilkie, shared a Facebook Live presentation about two weeks ago, giving us all a great refresher course on StreamText! Often, colleges and universities tend to get a later start when assisting students with CART services. You may have seen a lot of new project requests […]

StreamText is Celebrating 15 Years

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Since 2003, StreamText has had the honor of providing reliable realtime captions for providers all over the world. Providers from over 160 countries have used StreamText. This August marks our 15-year anniversary in business. We’ve come so far since the early 2000’s and have seen so many changes. Laws that require accessibility, worldwide Internet access, […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Attending The NCRA Convention

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If you’re heading to New Orleans for the NCRA Annual Convention for the first time (or the 21st time!), here are a few tips that may help you get the most out of your trip! Read the schedule and make a plan. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the breakout sessions and activities […]

A #problemsolved story by Randi Friedman

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Welcome to the first post in our summer blog series – #problemsolved with StreamText! It is truly our pleasure to share the following #problemsolved story with you from StreamText customer, Randi C. Friedman, CRC, CRR, RPR. Randi is the owner of The Open Captioners. A veteran of the captioning industry, author, and instructor, Randi shared her #problemsolved […]