Realtime CART and captioning service providers

Realtime CART and captioning providers are the primary customer for StreamText.Net. Our service has been designed to work with any realtime writer and their transcription software. Realtime writers is a term use to we refer to individuals that transcribe the spoken word into text. With our universal connector we can stream from any transcription solution on the market today. Our service providers provide realtime writing services using steno, voice recognition and text interpreting to translate the spoken word into text.

Software as a Service
StreamText.Net is designed to be a foundation that you can use to deliver your services. We offer a number of event management tools that allow you to schedule and manage your business. Our service is designed to provide the most effective delivery solution for the realtime writing community. By focusing just on the technology that will create the best value for your customers we hope to be a foundation of your service offering. We do not sell writing services just the technology to deliver them in realtime. You only pay for the time you use and there are no other fees.

Partnership and Customer Service We want to work with you to continue developing the most effective realtime streaming text solution for your customers. At StreamText.Net we also understand our responsibility to your customers and their needs which is why we are continually striving to develop innovative accessibility solutions. Again we are here to make your services add value and exceed expectations your customers. StreamText.Net is your partner and will continue to ensure your success.