Enterprise Corporate Accessibility

StreamText.Net is your best choice for enterprise accessibility solutions to increase productivity and accessibility for your organization. StreamText.Net is used in many corporate settings such as daily meetings, teleconferences, seminars and web based communications.

One Solution
StreamText.Net can deliver realtime text streams to almost any application or location. StreamText.Net supports mobile devices (i.e., iPhone and BlackBerry) and on line meeting products such as Adobe Connect Pro™ and WebEx Event Center™. Our adaptable service is designed to provide a consistent approach by utilizing the same technology and processes throughout your corporate environment.

Service Providers
StreamText.Net is a technology that can be used by almost any realtime transcription service provider. We are compatible with all of the major software solutions for realtime transcription. Ask your realtime transcription service provider to deliver their services with StreamText.Net.

Reliable and Firewall Friendly
You can depend on StreamText.Net to work in almost any network environment. Our player is designed to work behind most firewalls and low bandwidth networks. StreamText.Net will be available when and where you need it.