StreamText.Net Pricing

StreamText.Net pricing is usage based and you pay by the minute. There are no setup fees. You only pay for the minutes you use. In addition, you can connect up to 50 clients for the same event with no additional fees.

Pricing is based on a calendar month and is retroactive for each minute used in that month. For example if you use 15,000 minutes you will be charged .08/min for all 15,000 minutes.

Pricing levels:

  • 9,999 minutes and less the price is $0.09/min
  • 10,000 through 24,999 minutes the price drops to $0.08/min
  • 25,000 through 49,999 minutes the price drops to $0.07/min
  • 50,000 and up the price drops to $0.06/min

Events Larger than 50 clients
StreamText.Net is scalable and can handle almost any demand. For events larger than 50 client viewers we charge 2 cents/min per additonal group of 50.

The cost for 200 viewers would be 6 cents a minute over your base pricing level.

For events over 1000 viewers please contact us for special pricing.